Leukaemia Foundation

As a family, we have experienced first-hand the benefits of this foundation and the wonderful work they do in providing care and assistance to families diagnosed with a blood disorder.

Our rollercoaster journey began when my husband, Tony, was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. His treatment comprised an extensive 6-month chemotherapy regime followed by two autologous stem cell transplants. Like many blood cancer sufferers, our journey was difficult. However, as a result of his treatment, Tony now enjoys fabulous health. He is one of the lucky ones.

Our donation provides some of the funding needed to deliver vital services and support for the 110,000 Australians living with blood cancer, including:

  • A dedicated support co-ordinator
  • Accommodation for family members
  • Purchase of lab equipment
  • Access to a state-of-the-art gene test to personalise treatment options to provide patients with the best chance of survival.

We remain in awe of the ongoing work that is carried out by the Leukaemia Foundation and are very proud to support this worthwhile cause.