MS Research Australia

Brenda, otherwise referred to as my ‘right arm’, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in her mid-20’s. Her first symptoms were crippling – causing her to lose mobility on her right side. Being tenacious, Brenda soon taught herself to write with her left hand and steadfastly refused to let the disease impact her daily life. Over time, and with the help of steroids, Brenda regained full mobility and she now boasts the acquired skill of being somewhat ambidextrous! To help protect her health and to limit ‘flare-ups’, we arranged for Brenda to work exclusively from home. Whilst we are delighted that she is coping well, we remain very aware of the long-term crippling effects this disease can have on many sufferers.

MS Research Australia is run by a small team who are dedicated to funding, coordinating, educating, and advocating for MS research as part of the worldwide effort to find a cure. By keeping overheads low, they help to ensure that more of each fund-raised dollar can be directed to relevant research projects. We are proud to support this much needed research.