Still working hard

You’re in your early 50’s. You work hard, your children are thriving and your mortgage appears to be tracking well (most of the time). But your bank balance hardly moves. Does this sound familiar?

The ‘grind’ can be very frustrating and you can often feel that, no matter how hard you work, or how much you earn, you are not making progress.

At Strategic Retirement Solutions we can help you to keep perspective during this somewhat awkward phase. We can:

  • Determine if you could structure your salary more effectively
  • Consider whether you are managing your debt effectively
  • Project the progress of your ‘balance sheet’ for the years leading up to your retirement
  • Show you how you can improve your overall position by using surplus cashflow efficiently
  • Help you to assess if you are living within your means
  • Assess whether your current lifestyle is sustainable in retirement

Engaging with us early to discuss all the above can give you enormous peace of mind and can help you to establish solid strategies that will serve you well into the future.