Already Retired

Will I run out of money? Am I doing the right thing with my money? Am I eligible for a Health Card? How will I be placed when I am widowed? How do the new superannuation rules impact me?

These are legitimate concerns facing many retirees. We will talk to you about:

  • Your current lifestyle: Are you comfortable with your level of income? Are you able to save?
  • Do you have funds set aside for ’emergencies’ and capital expenses – such as travel or home improvements?
  • Do you want to assist family members, either now or in the future?
  • Do you envisage your spending patterns changing?
  • Are you a potential beneficiary of an inheritance?
  • Are you comfortable with your current investment structure?
  • Are you comfortable with the risks and fees associated with your existing investments?

Having meaningful conversations about all the above will help you to:

  • understand how the structure of your assets can influence your Centrelink entitlements
  • understand the implications of legislative change
  • structure your portfolio to provide protection during adverse share market conditions
  • structure your assets to protect your legacy

At Strategic Retirement Solutions we can give you the peace of mind you are looking for.